Hello! Welcome on the page of UAEM Groningen!

UAEM Groningen is the Groningen branch of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. The name says it all actually; we think everyone should benefit from university research into life-saving drugs. And while life expectancy and quality of life is now better than ever in many parts of the world, we still think there’s room for improvement.

Don’t you think everyone should have access to life-saving essential medicines? Don’t you think it’s odd that tax payers fund much of the fundamental research in medicine, and are later charged a lot for drugs discovered because of it? Don’t you think the focus of medical research should be aligned with the global needs, and not necessarily with commercial gains?
We do.

We strive for these goals, both locally at the University of Groningen, but also (inter)nationally with the global movement of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.
We try to achieve universal access to essential medicines by working on our "pillars": access, innovation and empowerment. We try to persuade our university to implement a global access licensing (GAL) principle into the patent negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, and we want to create awareness for students (but basically everyone) about the problems surrounding the access to medicine crisis.

At the moment, the following people invest their free time in UAEM Groningen. Do you endorse our goals, and do you want to help us? Contact us on our UAEM Groningen Facebook page or our Twitter.

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