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EU-wide petitions for access to COVID-19 pharmaceutical products!

We have to make medication for COVID-19 available! Let’s use our international student population to help other UAEM chapters in Europe get as many signatures for their petitions as possible 💪




In case you haven’t signed the Dutch one yet:…/make-vaccines-treatments-and-di…

Petition to ensure access to all COVID-19 medication, vaccines and diagnostics developed in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is widely known for performing top-level biomedical research fueled by significant public investment. On March 31st, the Dutch government announced €42,000,000 will be made available for research related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It will be of crucial importance for the global outbreak response that the results of such public investment into the research and development of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics will be accessible at affordable cost to everyone, worldwide.

Sign the petition now and spread the word!