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EU-wide petitions for access to COVID-19 pharmaceutical products!

We have to make medication for COVID-19 available! Let’s use our international student population to help other UAEM chapters in Europe get as many signatures for their petitions as possible 💪 France: https://www.change.org/p/minist%C3%A8re-de-la-sant%C3%A9-et… Austria: https://actionnetwork.org/…/globaler-zugang-fur-durch-offen…& Germany: https://www.change.org/p/bundesregierung-corona-covid-19-im… In case you haven’t signed the Dutch one yet: https://actionnetwork.org/…/make-vaccines-treatments-and-di…

Petition to ensure access to all COVID-19 medication, vaccines and diagnostics developed in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is widely known for performing top-level biomedical research fueled by significant public investment. On March 31st, the Dutch government announced €42,000,000 will be made available for research related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It will be of crucial importance for the global outbreak response that the results of such public investment into the research […]